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Complete solution for waste processing

Are you interested in saving costs on the waste streams within your company?

With our years of experience, we know exactly how to process your business waste responsibly. It’s not just about recycling materials such as paper, glass, metal and plastic, but for example also finding a good final destination for hazardous waste. Our goal is to continuously improve results for our clients. This means more reuse, less waste, and therefore lower costs for you. And the nice thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about anything. We take over the entire waste management process for you.

Guaranteed cost savings

Many companies only see their waste as a liability. They fail to realise that they can achieve considerable savings by setting up their waste processes efficiently. Kwaliflex Waste Solutions will conduct a free audit to create an overview of the guaranteed savings that are possible for you. You’ll be surprised what your business waste is worth!

Professional knowledge & independent position

We offer a complete solution. We analyse the waste processes and draw on our years of experience to structure the waste streams within your company. Kwaliflex Waste Solutions is completely independent: we do not have our own incineration plants or fleet of vehicles and are not affiliated with certain waste buyers. You can be sure that we will only select the best processing methods and the best partners for you.

One contact point for all your waste streams

Kwaliflex Waste Solutions takes care of everything for its customers: We are the contact point for the entire process, regardless of how many waste buyers are involved. You are assigned one fixed contact person who you can go to with all your questions regarding waste.

Equipment at the source

To realise the full value of the different waste streams, it is necessary to separate and/or process them properly at the source. Kwaliflex Waste Solutions can provide all the equipment required to set this us for you as optimally as possible. Examples of this could be (colour coded) waste bins in your office (for paper, plastic, etc.), or the bale presses and containers needed on the production floor. All this is done to set up the most efficient possible system and to generate value from waste streams at your location.

Responsible final destination for business waste

Corporate social responsibility is very important to us. Sustainable processing of waste streams and reducing our clients’ CO2 footprint are our top priorities. That is why it is important that we are sure of the exact final destination of the waste. All buyers of waste streams within the Kwaliflex network are audited to ensure proper processing.

Open communication

With Kwaliflex Waste Solutions you can rely on 100% reliability and open communication. All the KPIs are constantly monitored and presented to you in monthly reports. By making adjustments according to the figures and motivating each other to keep performing better, we can work with you to achieve continuous improvements.

Email us if you would like to know more about our complete solution for waste processing

Free Audit
Are you interested in a quotation
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an audit to create an overview of the
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